My Cousin's an Idiot

Banter between two cousins and occasional guests.

Frequent accusations of idiocy which usually boil down to the pot calling the kettle black.

Puns will continue until morale improves. 

Damien Jaress


First and foremost, Damien is a good dude and you would be hard pressed to find anyone more genuine. Atop his perfect hairdo he wears many hats; jokester being one of prominence. Damien and Ben have shared many a laugh and good time together with countless more ahead. If you took Michelangelo's David, put a 12-inch dong on it, and added a hilarious personality you would have Michelangelo's Damien. A true masterpiece of a human being.

Damien has appeared in:

  • Episode 036 - Short Time Listener, Peer Pressured Podcaster

EriKa Chan


Erika has known the Friedmans and Hutchinsons for a few years and she has made a few things clear. Erika is a kick-ass and accomplished outdoors-woman; really she is just a kick-ass person in general. Also she is a delightful hostess and an even more fantastic guest. Erika has hundreds of other charming qualities but you'll have to listen to the podcast or follow her blog to find out about those.

From Erika With Love

Erika has appeared in:

  • Episode 033 - Isa's got an Electric Bike... It's Electic!!!

Emily Bennett


Emily has known Isa since junior high school. It took far too long for Isa to appreciate Emily's endearing and bawdy stylings. It will not take long for our listeners to be captivated by Emily's delightful presence. While being delightful 24/7, Emily spends her days as goddamn champion nurse in the maternity ward and a vocal proponent of safe sex education. 

Emily has appeared in:

  • Episode 031 - From London with Love

Shadie Hijazi

shadie's face.jpg

Shadie has been Isa's good friend since junior high school. From the very beginning their friendship has forged and hardened them into sarcastic jerks towards one another. Otherwise Shadie is a great friend, wonderful company, a budding chef, and an ambitious traveler. He plans to visit 30 countries by the time he has turned 30.

(10/10 would hangout with again)

Shadie has appeared in: 

  • Episode 022 - Slim Shadie 101

MarciE podcastguestopolous

Wall of Fame - Marcie Podcastguestopolous.jpg

Marcie is an incredible, energy filled yet super chill, thoughtful, joy to be around kind of person. At the time Ben was giving tours at the defunct Redhook Woodinville location, Marcie's Mom came on his tour and took a shine to Ben, eventually strong-arming Marcie into looking at an application from Ben to join her on adventures. After several events and laughs, it was obvious Marcie had to be on the podcast to share her hilarious stories and amazing personality with our listeners. Originally slated to be the first guest, Marcie will always be encouraged come back to grace us with her awesomeness!

Marcie has appeared in:

  • Episode 018 - The Sasquatch, The Millennials, And The Bookcase

Zoe Vartanian 


Zoe is an accomplished graphic designer and all-around rad person. She has a highly developed and impeccable aesthetic sensibilities and as you'd expect she is a skilled artist and a goddamn craft wizard. Zoe and Isa have been good friends since high school. She is great company and will be a credit to the show.

Zoe's website 

Zoe's Instagram

Zoe has appeared in:

  • Episode 017 - Heck Kids, Heck Comcast, And Fuck Johnny Depp

Kevin burchell


Kevin and Ben slowly became friends while tour guides at Redhook Brewery. Kevin's hard work and love for mixed martial arts began the bonding process that would take the two through the dynamics of co-workers, heckler/performer, and co-guest hosting on each other's podcasts. Today they enjoy a hearty friendship and many laughs together.

We Might Know Sports on Facebook

Kevin has appeared in:

  • Episode 011 - A Non-Denominational Winter Gift

Ram Majlessi aka Sepandar Dipsomanic


Ram is a wine, spirits, and James Bond aficionado and a good friend of Ben's. With a wealth of knowledge and a penchant for terrible jokes, Ram and Ben have gotten along famously since day one. Ram has been immortalized as the first guest host of "My Cousin's An Idiot" and will most assuredly be a recurring host of the podcast. It is important that Ram be locked in a cage because this man is out of his goddamn mind.

Ram has appeared in:

  • Episode 007 - James Bond 007

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